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Groupon/Living Social
 Redemption Information

If you have a Groupon  or Living Social Voucher - this information page is for you!  
These are our most commonly asked Groupon Questions:

How do I redeem/book my Groupon/Living Social Voucher?

To redem your Voucher - please visit our "Book Now" page - follow the instructions on that page as normal.  Once you get to our scheduling site - you will choose either the 60 or 90 Min Groupon/Living Social Redemption option in the service drop down menu.  Once you do this - the available times for the session length you choose will populate.  Please choose the date/time that works best for you.  Follow the instructions for setting up your profile.  Please be careful when filling out the email address for this is where you will get your confirmation, updates, and reminders.  If the email address is entered incorrectly - you will not get important information related to your booked session.  It is your responsibility to keep up with your appointment time even though we do send out several notices.  

Can I just call and book?

Please be aware that ALL Voucher holders are required to book their session using our online booking tool in an effort to continue to bring our new clients specials such as this.  All of your questions can be answered on our website.  

Can I upgrade my session?

Your voucher is for a customized session for the length of time you purchased.  You may upgrade that session to add aromatherapy or deep heat at the time of session.  Upgrade fees may vary.  Please ask therapist upon arrival if you are interested in this service. 

Can I use 2 Vouchers at the same time or for a group?

We only accept 1 Voucher per time slot.  Your voucher cannot be used for couples or group sessions.  

Are there sessions available earlier than what the online calendar shows?

Unfortunately, our calendar stays booked for Voucher holders.  Our seasoned therapist try to take all new clients in an effort to give you the highest quality session available.  Having said that, the calendar can be booked out for months.  Please book the first available that works for you.  You can request to be added to our cancellation list.  If anything opens up sooner, we will let you know.  You are also encouraged to check the calendar from time to time in case something has opened up - you are welcome to cancel and rebook at any time. 

Your first available is post my Voucher expiration date, will it still be good?

Yes, we will honor your Voucher regardless of the expiration date.  We want you to enjoy your experience and become a part of the TME Family.  Once you have your first session with us, you will then have access to our VIP booking.  This simply means that you will not have to wait as you did for your initial visit.  

I've called the clinic and don't get an answer, why?

Our clinic phone line is attached to an answering service.  All calls are filtered then submitted to us via email.  If your call can be addressed on our website - we may not be notified of your call.  We do not have a live attendant in an effort to offer you more specials.  We prefer electronic communications when possible.  

We hope that this answered your questions regarding  your Voucher.  If we didn't answer your question here - please us the Contact Us page on this website and submit your question there.  A representative will respond to you as quickly as possible.